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SS: Pyro Sailor Heart by SilverPheonix-Dragon SS: Pyro Sailor Heart :iconsilverpheonix-dragon:SilverPheonix-Dragon 7 1 SS: Sukui Sailor Chiyu by SilverPheonix-Dragon SS: Sukui Sailor Chiyu :iconsilverpheonix-dragon:SilverPheonix-Dragon 7 1 SS: Sailor Harmonia by SilverPheonix-Dragon SS: Sailor Harmonia :iconsilverpheonix-dragon:SilverPheonix-Dragon 8 1 SS: Sailor Charon by SilverPheonix-Dragon SS: Sailor Charon :iconsilverpheonix-dragon:SilverPheonix-Dragon 10 1 SS: Neo Queen Serenity by SilverPheonix-Dragon SS: Neo Queen Serenity :iconsilverpheonix-dragon:SilverPheonix-Dragon 42 3 SM: Sailor Sun - Supplemental Reference by SilverPheonix-Dragon SM: Sailor Sun - Supplemental Reference :iconsilverpheonix-dragon:SilverPheonix-Dragon 27 2 S5D's: Sailor Momentum by SilverPheonix-Dragon S5D's: Sailor Momentum :iconsilverpheonix-dragon:SilverPheonix-Dragon 18 0 SS: Sailor Stellar Electra by SilverPheonix-Dragon SS: Sailor Stellar Electra :iconsilverpheonix-dragon:SilverPheonix-Dragon 10 5 Art: Kepler 328c by SilverPheonix-Dragon Art: Kepler 328c :iconsilverpheonix-dragon:SilverPheonix-Dragon 4 1 Sketch - Kelper 328c (old info) by SilverPheonix-Dragon Sketch - Kelper 328c (old info) :iconsilverpheonix-dragon:SilverPheonix-Dragon 3 4 SM: Sailor Sun by SilverPheonix-Dragon SM: Sailor Sun :iconsilverpheonix-dragon:SilverPheonix-Dragon 30 2 Lineart- Variable Carinae 519 by SilverPheonix-Dragon Lineart- Variable Carinae 519 :iconsilverpheonix-dragon:SilverPheonix-Dragon 7 0 Lineart- Barnard 252 by SilverPheonix-Dragon Lineart- Barnard 252 :iconsilverpheonix-dragon:SilverPheonix-Dragon 7 2 SS: Sailor Vapor by SilverPheonix-Dragon SS: Sailor Vapor :iconsilverpheonix-dragon:SilverPheonix-Dragon 8 5 SM: Sailor Messier 103  - Old Reference by SilverPheonix-Dragon SM: Sailor Messier 103 - Old Reference :iconsilverpheonix-dragon:SilverPheonix-Dragon 11 2 Art: Messier 103 by SilverPheonix-Dragon Art: Messier 103 :iconsilverpheonix-dragon:SilverPheonix-Dragon 17 7


Prize - Sailor Nexus WIP by Wildnature03 Prize - Sailor Nexus WIP :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 9 8 Pretty Pink Princess by Orin331 Pretty Pink Princess :iconorin331:Orin331 125 2 SailorSun for SilverPheonix-Dragon by kenlybop SailorSun for SilverPheonix-Dragon :iconkenlybop:kenlybop 8 2 KH - Redhead Trio by LynxGriffin KH - Redhead Trio :iconlynxgriffin:LynxGriffin 146 11 Kinmoku Fashion - Shitennou by elfgrove Kinmoku Fashion - Shitennou :iconelfgrove:elfgrove 299 44 Alternate Rainbow Power Designs by salvicorn Alternate Rainbow Power Designs :iconsalvicorn:salvicorn 831 112 Across the Waters Princess Asteria Reference by Wildnature03 Across the Waters Princess Asteria Reference :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 8 3 Tranquil Sapling by Wildnature03 Tranquil Sapling :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 17 8 AtW Bio - Tranquil Sapling by Wildnature03 AtW Bio - Tranquil Sapling :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 7 2 Pokemon Rainbow by FennecSilvestre Pokemon Rainbow :iconfennecsilvestre:FennecSilvestre 423 69 Harmony 2017 by Heilos Harmony 2017 :iconheilos:Heilos 732 62 Sailor Sun for SilverPheonix-Dragon by nickyflamingo Sailor Sun for SilverPheonix-Dragon :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 65 11 Sailor Doom and Gloom by Dark-elfa Sailor Doom and Gloom :icondark-elfa:Dark-elfa 85 20 Secret Santa 2016-Sailor Sun by J-Cody Secret Santa 2016-Sailor Sun :iconj-cody:J-Cody 14 0 SS- Sassy Nexus for SilverPhoenix_Dragon by goth-chan SS- Sassy Nexus for SilverPhoenix_Dragon :icongoth-chan:goth-chan 12 6 Kiriban Prize - Sailor Wind Dragon FIN by Wildnature03 Kiriban Prize - Sailor Wind Dragon FIN :iconwildnature03:Wildnature03 8 6

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SS: Pyro Sailor Heart
Here is the Secret-Senshigift I did for TheAnomally!

Info later (I have work in the morning)

Reference = by SenshiStock

Drawing (c) me~
Pyro Sailor Heart (c) TheAnomally
Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi
SS: Sukui Sailor Chiyu
For MahouChikara as apart of Secret-Senshi's Summer Exchange!

For this exchange, I didn't quite have a goal like usual; I guess its was get back into drawing? Its been like 6+ months.

I really loved drawing Sukui Sailor Chiyu, her fuku is quite unique, so I'm hoping I did her justice. I saw kinda blue and purple in her fuku, but it probably is supposed to be more of a grey/silver, so I hope its ok with the light color additions anyways. I unfortunately do not excel at details with traditional drawing methods, so her hair bow and front bow/wings look kinda muddled...
Its probably not as clear on this drawing, but I generally draw girls with some more weight to them, so I am happy that I got Chiyu to more what she looks like (at least, more to reference maybe?). Though, I probably gave her a lot more hair than she has normally. Maybe since I have thick hair I give characters thick hair too? On another note, I messed up the right hand while inking, so if it looks weird its because I done goofed.
I went a little to crazy with the background as well since I really don't do those. Like, at all. And I did it in too short of a time. That means I have so much room to improve for the future! Yay!

Anyways, I hope that you enjoy this, MahouChikara!

Pose = by SenshiStock

Drawing (c) me~
Sukui Sailor Chiyu (c) MahouChikara
Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi
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Feb 13: The Day of Kyurem in the Reign of Kyurem, Season of Water
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Hello Hello.

I have lately been having time (if I dont procrastinate) to draw some. So I am happy.
I also have dowsing in MLP:FIM, Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Madoka Magica, K-on!, Elementary, Eureka, Warehouse 13, How I Met Your Mother, Vampire Diaries, Gravity Falls, Avatar: Legend of Korra, and Sword Art Online. So I still have been absorbing more fandoms while I do schoolwork. Oh, I started playing Pokemon White 2 thanks to my bf! ^///^ Yay I have got back into playing them! Oh, I am hoping to finally start Legend of Zelda stuff; I am very much in love with Skyward Sword, and I want to be that with the rest of the series too! I'm contemplating a commentary twitter or tumblr or something for MLP, even if its a show directed towards kids some things are like, 'wait, what?'

My drawing list has just pretty much accumulated ponies and more Sailor Moon works. Its cause KH and Naruto all have continued and pretty much ruined all my story plans. But its ok, I doubt I will ever write much (but I definitely am planning something of the KH still, definitely not lettin go of my baby Kerry! She has a full name now ~ Kerrianne Ellesmera Young). I need to figure out a MLP story, surprisingly this is one show that I have yet to make my own story.

Um, lets see... a Great Story list (ponylicious):
(the only nonpony one I wanted to say atm, lol) ScuttlebuttInk's "Mahou Shounen Fight!" - (not fin)
The Descendant's "A Sweet Taste of Cake" -…
:devshortshirtsexplosions:'s "End of Ponies" -…  (not fin)
:devshortskirtsexplosions:'s "Background Pony" -…
:devshortskirtsexplosions:'s "Never" -…
Skywriter's "How to Pull a Unicorn Tooth" -… (not fin, see CAdance of Cloudsdale
egophiliac's "Moonstuck" -
egophiliac's "Slice of Pony Life" - (not fin)

I want so much pony stuff. Derpy Hooves, Mane 6, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance.
Especially Derpy Hooves and Princess Cadance.

Oh, title is from…

~ Silver


Kerry Young
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Thanks for all the :+fav:s! I appreciate it.


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